'Some Kind of Heaven' exclusive sneak peek: 'I got a second bite of the apple'

This exclusive clip from the film introduces you to the slightly surreal landscape of The Villages and some of the retirees you’ll be spending time with throughout the documentary, including single men and women looking for a second (or third) chance at love and those trying to make the most of their twilight years.

Video Transcript

- Everything here is just so positive. So-- I'm lost for words. I don't see the slums, I don't see death and destruction, I don't see murders. You don't see a lot of children running around here, either.

- You're not going to be tomorrow the same age you are today. So think about you.

- You come here to live, you don't come here to pass away. You don't need to go outside The Villages. You would never have to leave.

- Everything you ever want is here.

- Everything is here. The restaurants, the golf course, the tennis courts.

- If you try to come off as you're bored, then you're full of it. Because they have everything here.

- There is no place like this. This is nirvana.

- One, two, three! Whoo!

- When you live here, you kind of become younger. We have more than 20,000 single people. When they become single, whether it's through divorce, whether it's through death, it's a new awakening. It's like a butterfly coming out of that cocoon.

- After the wife passed, I started nightclubbing. I got a second chance and a second bite at the apple. I ran into my new love of my life. And met her on the square at Spanish Springs. From then, it was the best of times.

- I'm not in a hurry. I'm meeting a lot of people. And I know, eventually, I'll meet somebody nice to share the rest of my life with.