Kim Kardashian's Puzzling New SKIMS Bra Is Dividing the Internet

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian sure knows how to get the internet talking, and her latest SKIMS design is no exception.

In a comical skit written by comedian Michelle Wolfe, Kardashian shows off a new bra from her womenswear line, styled to appear as though the wearer's nipples are at attention.

She sits crossed-legged in a skintight beige jumpsuit, her nipples seemingly noticeable front and center on her chest in the video uploaded to Instagram on Oct. 27.

Her hair is slicked back into a semi-high ponytail with a thin strand of bangs left to frame each side of her face, a narrow pair of wire-framed spectacles propped on her nose as she clicks away on a '90s-era-style white keyboard and reads off of a matching box monitor.

"The Earth's temperature is getting hotter and hotter. The sea levels are rising. The ice sheets are shrinking," she reads off, before looking at the camera. "And I'm not a scientist, but I do believe everyone can use their skill set to do their part."

She walks out of the frame, expanding a telescopic pointer as she continues, "That's why I'm introducing a brand-new bra with a built-in nipple." She points out a diagram of the new design on a poster behind her, explaining that, with the new option, you can always look cold no matter how warm it gets.

"Some days are hard, but these nipples are harder."

The SKIMS Ultimate Nipple Bra drops on Halloween, and no, that's no trick!

"Perfect fullness with a built-in, faux nipple for shock factor," she wrote in the caption, adding that, in addition to the brand's investment in carbon removal, they'll be donating 10 percent of sales from the new bra to 1% for the Planet.

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Reactions were mixed, to say the least.

"I have this naturally and I’m always embarrassed 😂," one commenter admitted, while another called it "the best thing to ever happen."

"I’m hissing GO OFF KIM! 😂," someone else hyped her up, with another admitting, "You lost me with this one."

"Is this a SNL Skit?" one wanted to know, assuming that the bizarre new product was satire.

"i’ll have one in every colour," someone else wrote, while another comment agreed, "This is it!!!!!!!! Nipples for all!!!!🔥🔥😂," as a third said, "Yesss free the nipples 😂." Plenty of people called it "innovative" and "genius."

A breast cancer survivor who lost her nipples called the design "amazing," while another expressed excitement to have "2 nips again" after losing one to the disease, proving that, even though something may not be everyone's cup of tea, it can absolutely serve greater a purpose!

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