Kim Kardashian's new layered bob is such a '90s throwback

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

If you've been debating going for the big chop, Kim Kardashian might have just made that decision for you, but it's not as scary as you might think, we promise.

Just like her floral arrangements, Kim never sticks with the same hairstyle for long. Recently she had returned to her super long, Cher-approved locks, but for her latest campaign her hairstylist Chris Appleton switched things up a little bit.

Chris and Kim have really made sleek, glossy hair their signature look and the one thing we never really associate Kim's hair with is volume and bounce.

However her latest look has so much body it will make you want to dig out that Revlon Hot Brush you bought after seeing it all over TikTok.

In fact we'd go as far to say as this is a little Rachel Green inspired.

Switching up her bum-skimming length for shoulder-skimming, Kim's grown out, layered bob has been blow dryed under for a real '90s vibe.

Not only does she have more volume at the root than we're used to seeing her with, but the layers really give her that bombshell Cindy Crawford look that we've spent our entire lives unsuccessfully trying to recreate.

Photo credit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Photo credit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Also, on a completely unrelated note, since when did Diet Coke cans get so chic? No one tell Ronaldo, but this really is subliminal advertising at its finest.

Inevitably Kim will crop on our feed with an entirely different look tomorrow, but right now we're screenshotting this layered bob.

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