Kim Kardashian West's Shapewear Line 'Kimono' is Getting Backlash

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Kim Kardashian West is being accused of cultural appropriation. The reality TV star announced the new line of shapewear on June 25 called “Kimono,” a word Kardashian has applied to trademark. “Finally, I can share with you guys this project that I have been developing for the last year. I’ve been passionate about this for 15 years,” she tweeted. “Kimono is my take on shapewear and solutions for women that actually work. Photos by Vanessa Beecroft.” The collection includes seamless bras, high-waisted underwear, and one-legged shorts in sizes XXS to 4X. But many Twitter users quickly criticized Kardashian, accusing her of appropriating Japanese culture. “Nice underwear, but as a Japanese woman who loves to wear out traditional dress, kimono, I find the naming of your products baffling (since it has no resemblance to kimono), if not outright culuterally offensive, especially if it’s merely a word play on your name. Pls reconsider.” @yukokato1701 tweeted. “Naming your product/startup with Japanese words might seem hip and all, but it really sucks for us when our culture is diluted by names of brands that don’t have anything to do with what the word actually represents. And better yet, trademarking it? F NO.” @0oyukao0 tweeted. As of June 26, Kardashian hadn’t publicly commented on her decision to use “kimono” for the new clothing line. This video, "Kim Kardashian West's Shapewear Line 'Kimono' is Getting Backlash", first appeared on