Kim Kardashian Shares Psoriasis Outbreak on Her Face, and Fans Are Here for It

Kim Kardashian isn't shy when it comes to sharing just about everything in her life, and her psoriasis is no exception. The 38-year-old multi-hyphenate and mom of three has always been refreshingly open about her struggle with the common skin condition (a fact her fans praise her for), whether it's posting photos of outbreaks, talking about it on Keeping Up or revealing different treatments she's tried for it.

Most recently, the reality star took to her Instagram Stories where she showed fans a close-up shot of a psoriasis outbreak on her face. The post in question — a short clip of Kardashian holding the camera close to her skin — showcases what appears to be red psoriasis bumps, which look similar to that of a rosacea flareup. Kim K. simply captioned the post, "Psoriasis Face" and left it at that.

If you didn't know, Kardashian was first diagnosed with psoriasis in 2011, which some might remember was revealed on an episode of the family's reality show. Since then, she's been super-candid about her experience with the condition, which for those who don't know, affects more than 7.5 million Americans. She also hasn't held back during vulnerable moments like the aforementioned, which fans — especially those who have the disease as well — have been openly thankful for. There's no doubt it helps those with the skin condition to see that even celebs of her magnitude aren't immune to skin afflictions.

Kardashian didn't say anything else in regards to her facial psoriasis or how she treats it, however, in the past she's said seaweed-based skin-care products and light therapy have both been beneficial at clearing it up.

We're glad Kim was willing to share her skin woes with the world because let's be real: We all have 'em so why not commiserate? Here's to skin acceptance in 2019, y'all.

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