Kim Kardashian shared her 5-step booty workout on Instagram — and it's easy to recreate

Kim Kardashian shared her 5-step booty workout on Instagram — and it's easy to recreate
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  • Kim Kardashian showed off a butt workout from her trainer Senada Greca on Instagram.

  • Kardashian shared variations of squats and hip hinges with bands, dumbbells, and a barbell.

  • A personal trainer said it's great for booty gains, but you don't need to work out for two hours.

Kim Kardashian posted her five-step workout routine to her Instagram stories on Sunday, offering followers a glimpse into her weight-training regimen.

Kardashian shared a clip of her routine in Instagram Stories on March 26, and told followers she has been working out with trainer Senada Greca for the past three months to build muscle and gain strength.

To recreate the exercises, you'll need access to weights and resistance bands, or for a beginner-friendly workout, they can be done at home or at the gym with no equipment at all.

Kardashian's workout is all about booty gains.

Kim Kardashian in New York City on June 21, 2022.
Kardashian is no stranger to weight training to build a strong caboose.Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram workout is all about booty gains, and you can try it at home — but you may want to skip some steps to avoid overdoing it, according to a personal trainer.

The exercises she highlighted are likely to be very effective for sculpting a shapely caboose, said Jess Brown, personal trainer and founder of The Glute Recruit.

"She has a new trainer who knows what she's doing. All of the exercises are booty dominant," Brown told Insider.

However, without knowing the exact sequences, sets, and reps, it's probably way more than the average person needs to see results, she added.

Brown said that unless you've got a red carpet date planned, it's best to focus on basic exercises and moderate intensity to make progress while avoiding booty overkill in the gym.

Step 1: A split-stance "Good Morning" lift

Kim Kardashian does a "split stance good morning" during her workout routine on March 26.
Kim Kardashian does a split-stance Good Morning lift during her workout routine posted on March 26.Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian begins her leg day with a split-stance "Good Morning" lift.

As Insider's Jackson Thompson reported, the Good Morning lift is popular amongst bodybuilders who are looking to strengthen and stretch multiple muscle groups at once.

The move requires hinging at the hips with a barbell resting on your shoulders, then returning to a standing position.

How to do a Good Morning:

  • First, position your barbell while pressing your shoulder blades together, elbows pointing downwards, and arch your back.

  • While Kardashian has one foot in front of the other in a split stance, a common way to do a Good Morning is with the feet roughly shoulder-width apart.

  • As you hinge at the waist, move your hips back while keeping a slight bend in your knees. Slowly, bend over at the hips and then return to a standing position with no erratic movements.

  • Be sure to take your time and start with a light weight on this exercise, as Good Mornings can cause back problems if not done properly.

Personal trainer advice:

The advantage of the Good Morning is that it works the glutes, but also nearby lower body muscles that contribute to a balanced physique, according to Brown.

"It's a really great exercise," she said. "The split stance targets the hamstrings and works the 'shelf' under the glute to give the illusion of a curvier butt."

Step 2: Banded thigh lateral squats

Kim Kardashian does banded thigh lateral squads on her Instagram story on March 26, 2023.
Kim Kardashian does banded thigh lateral squads on her Instagram story on March 26, 2023.Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Next, Kardashian does lateral squats with a resistance band around her thigh.

How to do lateral thigh squats:

  • To begin, place the barbell atop your shoulder blades. Begin by standing straight with your feet together, and then step to one side while squatting. Slowly stand and return your feet together.

  • Kardashian used a 40-pound barbell and shared that she does four sets of 12 reps on each side.

Personal trainer advice:

The lateral squat can help you work the muscles from a difference angle for better gains, according to Brown.

"I'm a huge fan of training in multiple planes and different ranges of motion, and that's going to give you the three-dimensional rounded butt," she said. "Having the barbell behind you works more of the posterior chain, back, hamstrings, and glutes."

A barbell can be a great option because it allows you to lift heavier than dumbbells without straining your grip, Brown said.


Step 3: Banded kneeling "Good Morning" thrusts

Kim Kardashian does banded kneeling "good morning" thrusts on Instagram on March 26, 2023.
Kim Kardashian does banded kneeling Good Morning thrusts on Instagram on March 26, 2023.Kim Kardashian/Instagram

For Kardashian's next exercise, she used the same 40-pound weight to do what she called a "banded kneeling Good Morning thrust."

How to do a "Good Morning" thrust:

  • Take your barbell and rest it across your shoulders, shoulder blades squeezed together.

  • Then sit on the floor with the back of your thighs touching your calves, knees spread apart.

  • Slowly, lift your hips and raise your body so that you're on your knees.

Personal trainer advice:

This exercise combines two classic lower body movements, the Good Morning and the hip thrust, and could be a great option for people who sit all day because the kneeling position stretches the quads too, Brown said.

However, most people could skip the resistance band, which is a more advanced technique to make the exercise harder or work on muscle imbalances.

"I wouldn't suggest band exercise to everyone. Start with the basics," she said.

Step 4: Banded goblet squats

Kim Kardashian does banded goblet squats on Instagram on March 26, 2023.
Kim Kardashian does banded goblet squats on Instagram on March 26, 2023.Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kardashian then does banded goblet squats with a 20-pound weight.

On Instagram, Kardashian shared that this exercise is "one of her least favorites," but the workout can help improve stability and strengthen core muscles in a beginner-friendly way.

How to do goblet squats:

  • To begin, take a weight and hold it to your chest.

  • Kardashian used a resistance band to attach the weight she was holding to a dumbbell on the floor.

  • Next, squat with the weight held tightly to your chest, then return to standing position.

Personal trainer advice:

Switching the weight to a dumbbell held in front of the body in a goblet squat fires up the core muscles for an extra ab workout, Brown said. In addition, the heel-elevated position for a squat can help with a better range of motion.

Brown said Kardashian could probably go heavier on her workout here. For best results, lift a challenging weight, something that begins to feel difficult by the eighth or  10th rep.

It's a myth that heavy weight makes women bulky. Building muscle is a slow process that doesn't happen overnight or by accident. What heavy weight does do is challenge your body to adapt and continue making changes such as adding lean muscle tissue, which can help create muscle definition.

For booty gains, lifting heavy is especially important because it helps to build the glute muscles and create a fuller, rounded look, Brown said.

"If you're looking to make physical changes, you want to go to a heavier weight," Brown said.

As you get stronger, continue to increase the challenge, a fitness principle known as progressive overload.

Step 5: Reverse Lunge

Kim Kardashian does step ups on Instagram on March 26, 2023 celebrity workout routine
Kim Kardashian does a reverse lunge on Instagram on March 26, 2023.Kim Kardashian/Instagram

To round out her weight training, Kardashian concluded with what she called a step-up, but appeared to be closer to a reverse lunge.

Step-ups are a great workout for the lower half of your body, as they engage both legs and glutes, but involve stepping your foot up in front of you onto an elevated surface like a box or bench.

The reverse lunge is a great way to target the glutes, and improve balance and flexibility.

How to do Kardashian's reverse lunges:

  • To recreate Kardashian's exercise on Insta, you'll need an elevated block and a weight.

  • Stand straight with one arm held out to your side and the opposite hand holding the weight.

  • Then, step backward so that the front of your shins are touching the block and return to standing position slowly.

Personal trainer advice:

Brown wasn't impressed with this exercise, and said the workout itself is probably too long.

"It's a limited range of motion. I don't see the benefit," she said.

For most people who want to build muscle and get healthier, it's enough to hit the gym three to four times a week for 45 minutes each session, Brown said.

Overtraining, or exercising too much, can slow your progress, especially without the right recovery, nutrition, or sleep.

"You can see someone on Instagram and do all the exercises they do, and you might have a muscle imbalance and get injured," Brown said.

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