Kim Kardashian teams up with Scout Bassett for SKIMS adaptive collection: 'A great example of inclusivity'

SKIMS announces the Adaptive Collection. (Photo: SKIMS)
SKIMS announces the Adaptive Collection. (Photo: SKIMS)
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Kim Kardashian's SKIMS is teaming up with Paralympian Scout Bassett for the launch of the brand's Adaptive Collection.

The American Paralympic track and field athlete appeared across SKIMS's social media pages on Friday to announce the brand's latest innovation when it comes to solution-focused intimates. The upcoming collection marks a major milestone in inclusivity by catering to people living with limited mobility. Bassett, who lost her right leg as an infant, demonstrated the functionality of the pieces in a couple of campaign videos.

"It’s really great for people like myself because to get into typical panties usually I have to sit down and put my prosthetic through one side and then my other leg through the other side. And with this, you can be standing, you can be sitting, you can be in any position," Bassett said of the SKIMS adaptive underwear. "It’s really easy to be able to get in and out of it."

According to SKIMS, "convenience and easy mobility" are the main goals of the Adaptive Collection, which features the brand's signature Fits Everybody fabric with modified closures. They also use a specific bonding technology to make sure that the closures are comfortable and discreet.

"Unlike other adaptive lines that feature zippers that are a little bit bulky, velcro which sticks to everything or even magnets which are heavy and also create bulk, I really like that the hook and eye closure is very low profile," Bassett said in an additional video. "It’s flat, it’s lightweight. You can wear tops over it where you wouldn’t even see the fact that it has an adaptive element."

Fans of the new line took to the comment section to praise SKIMS for its innovation.

"This is a great example of inclusivity, which does not always appear in fashion," one person wrote.

Another commented, "As a wheelchair user I’m so happy about this line, thank you!!"

Fellow Paralympian Danielle Hansen also gave a nod to SKIMS's collaboration with Paralympic athletes back in June 2021 when the brand became an official partner of Team USA.

"The best!!!!!! When we got our Skims in the Paralympic Village it was amazing! Thanks for this," Hansen wrote.

Although the undergarments, pajamas and loungewear provided to female athletes at the time didn't include adaptive options, Bassett appeared in the campaign to represent the Paralympians who were provided SKIMS items in Tokyo.

While SKIMS has provided a new platform for people living with disabilities, Bassett previously told Yahoo Life about the importance of representation with the Paralympic Games.

"The Paralympics is an incredible display of not only what the human body can do, but what the human spirit is capable of achieving and overcoming," she said. "Still to this day, people with disabilities struggle for so many basic human rights that they're largely denied. And I think part of that is the way society views people with disabilities as being lesser than and not equal or deserving of the same opportunities. So I really hope the Paralympics is a tremendous vehicle and catapult of really helping to bring more equality, more inclusion."

Bassett also shared that these platforms have allowed her to embrace the "power" in her disability.

"I have a body that I cannot change, events that cannot change that led to the loss of my right leg and the scars and the burns that I have," she said. "This is a marker of all the things I've been through, but also a great reminder that I'm a survivor, a warrior."

With the Adaptive Collection, SKIMS hopes to provide that same confidence to all who need it. The brand also asked followers to share other innovations that they'd like to see in the future.

"This is just the beginning," the brand wrote.

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