Kim Kardashian says a psychic predicted her family’s fame

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Kim Kardashian has revealed how a psychic once predicted her family’s fame.

The reality star, 43, opened up about her relationship with her late father, Robert Kardashian, during an interview with GQ, published on 14 November. She went on to discuss how her father served on OJ Simpson’s defence team in 1995, after the former NFL star was charged with the double murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend.

As noted by GQ, Robert and his family were hit with public scrutiny after the trial, with the late lawyer – who died in 2003 from esophageal cancer – even receiving death threats at the time. The publication also noted that, after the experience, Robert, decided to go to a psychic to learn more about his family, despite the fact that, as a devout Christian, the Bible warned him to avoid mediums and physics.

According to Kardashian, her father opened up about his experience with the psychic, during which he furthered his thoughts about his family’s success, in a now full circle moment.

“She saw my last name and said, ‘Kardashian will be internationally known,’” the businesswoman recalled her father telling her. “This is how I know they’re full of s***.”

During the interview, Kardashian also opened up about her own experience with a medium, during which she was connected to her father. “My dad had a chip on his tooth,” she recalled. “And I always said: ‘Dad, get a bonding and fix that tooth.’ He’d just laugh and say: ‘Kimberly, no one sees it. It’s fine.”

According to the reality star, since she had a chipped tooth during the reading, her father was then mentioned. “Your dad is laughing at your tooth,” she recalled the medium telling her.

She went on to express how that experience made her connected to her father since she hadn’t publicly discussed her chipped tooth before. “Who would know that?” she said. “It was nothing that was on the show. It was nothing that I had ever said out loud. Those kinds of things just make me smile inside.”

Kardashian also opened up about how frequently she goes to mediums and physics now, despite the fact that she grew up with her father’s disapproval of them.

“One is more of a spiritual healer putting out good vibes and energy,” she said. “When they tell me things, I’ll write them down. I don’t walk away thinking that I’m going to read the list and make sure that everything comes true. After a few days I’ll forget about it. Then six months after the fact, I will reread my notes from the session and it will have happened.”

This isn’t the first time that Kardashian has opened up about her relationship with her late father. Over the years, she’s been vocal about following in her parent’s footsteps by becoming a lawyer. In December 2021, Kardashian first revealed on Instagram that she passed the First-Year Law Students’ Examination after she previously failed it three times.

Months after passing the “baby bar”, she spoke to Vogue Hong Kong about her career and how it was ultimately shaped by her father. “Spending time with my father at his office definitely influenced me,” she said. “Doing this work has been in my soul for years and I’m so proud that I’m now doing this work.”

While acknowledging that she’s wanted to be an attorney for years, she also said that working in the field has strengthened her bond with her late father.

“When I look back at old interviews, when people asked what I wanted to do if I wasn’t filming KUWTK, I always said I wanted to be a crime scene investigator or an attorney,” she said. “Being in this line of work has definitely made me feel closer to my dad and to know that I’m helping people feels really good at the end of the day.”