Kim Kardashian Modeled The Latest SKIMS Collection By Eating 20 Waffles & I Feel Seen

Maggie Griswold
·1 min read

On any given day, I don’t feel like my life parallels with Kim Kardashian’s. I’ve never become a reality star, launched a million-and-one brands or married Kanye West—but when Kim Kardashian modeled the SKIMS Waffle Collection while posed in front of at least 20 waffles (syrup included), I finally felt like she and I were one. Seriously, what a mood! Kim Kardashian-West and I might live in completely different universes, but in this one particular instance, our paths have crossed. If I didn’t already want to buy everything from the upcoming SKIMS launch, I certainly do now.

That’s just the power of a good promo, guys! Props to the SKIMS PR team, because putting Kim...

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