Kim Kardashian Joked About ‘Long Handed’ Kendall Jenner in Bikini Instagram

Kim Kardashian name-dropped her little sister Kendall Jenner in an Instagram post on February 24. The carousel of photos shows Kardashian walking up a set of stone stairs from a sandy shore, looking like a model off duty. Her sexy white bikini should be the star of the show, but the comments section has a lot to say about the caption that reads: “long handed @kendalljenner on the lense [sic] 📷.” Fans of the reality stars were amused by their sisterly teasing and kept the joke alive by echoing Kardashian with comments like, “Lmfaoo long handed is wild 😂😂.” Don't worry—Jenner knows how to take a joke.

The “long handed” model was first called out on February 11 for an awkward photo of her crouching in a bikini and holding herself steady with a warped-looking hand. Jenner is known for her towering height of 5'10" and slim frame, so having long limbs isn't a stretch (pun intended). The hand in question has a little curve, only bending slightly at her wrist and fingertips, making it look like one, long mega-hand. Bestie Hailey Bieber defended her friend from Photoshop accusations with a silly Instagram story, showing off Jenner's hand with the caption “Been had long ass hands x finger.” Case closed! 

As for Kim Kardashian, something in her photos has fans curious—what's up with the sand? The shore behind her is marked with mismatched patterns that don't make sense. There are geometric marks, footsteps, and indents that have no clear origin and fans are confused. “More interested in the sand patterns,” one commenter wrote, another agreeing: “What is happening in the sand?” There is no clear explanation for the crop-circle-like markings in the sand, but one thing is for sure: Jenner's long hands are great at taking the hottest pics of her big sis Kim. 

Originally Appeared on Glamour