Kim Kardashian Describes ‘Chaos’ of Parenting Four Young Kids

Kim Kardashian discussed the reality of parenting and the everyday struggles she goes through while raising four young kids in an all-new interview.

The reality star, who has four kids–daughters North, 9, and Chicago, 5, and sons Saint, 7, and Psalm, 4–sat down with Jay Shetty for an upcoming episode of his podcast, On Purpose with Jay Shetty.

Shetty asked Kardashian about the differences between her expectations of parenthood and what it's really like.

In a preview clip shared with People, Kardashian began her response by saying, "Everyone says the days are long and the years are short, and that couldn't be a more true statement."

"So, like, when you're in it, I mean, especially when they're babies and you're feeding... there's madness going on. It's like full madness. It's the best chaos though," she went on.

Kardashian then described a bit of her typical morning and how one of her daughters always needs her to do her hair in a very particular way, but at the same time, one of the boys might need help with his shoes, stating, "They all need you."

Along with the chaos, Kardashian honestly shared that "parenting is the thing that has taught me the most about myself" before going deeper into the struggles she faces on a day-to-day basis.

She said, "There are nights I cry myself to sleep. Like, what just happened? You know, with all the moods and the personalities, and sometimes they're fighting, and you know, there's no one there. Like, it's [just] me to play good cop and bad cop."

Kardashian then declared that, no matter what you do to prepare for parenthood, whether saving money, buying a house or anything like that, "You are never prepared."

"But, you will figure it out, and it will make you so proud of yourself that you figured it out and that you got through the day," Kardashian concluded.

To catch up with everything she had to say about her journey raising her family, tune into the latest episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty, available to stream wherever you get your podcasts.

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