Kim Kardashian Defies Physics and Her Personal Brand for Paris Fashion Week in a Severe Corset and Bare Face


Kim Kardashian is trying something new and different this Paris Fashion Week. I’m not talking about the extreme proportions created by her tightly laced Mugler corset. That’s very on-brand. I’m talking about the fact that she appears to have paired the period-inspired lingerie with a makeup-free face. Or at least, it’s an implied makeup-free look.

On February 28, Kardashian posted a behind-the-scenes look at her fashion week outfit, posing in an opulently decorated Parisian room that played up the corset’s Marie Antoinette vibes. The structured corset cinches Kardashian’s waist at an improbably steep angle, which is further emphasized by the generous padding at the hips. You can see the corset ribbons piled on the floor behind Kardashian, as though to highlight just how tightly the thing was laced. Girl, we can tell.

Interestingly for Kim K, she’s seemingly not wearing makeup in these photos (although if those are her real eyelashes, I’ll eat my hat). This is a woman who stopped for a manicure and a bikini wax on her way to the hospital to give birth—I’m not sure the world has ever seen her go bare-faced as part of a look. I will note that the stripped-down look does not extend to Kardashian’s manicure, which is still long and square.

But if there’s one thing I know about Kim Kardashian, it’s that she’s willing to go to extreme lengths for fashion.

Originally Appeared on Glamour