Kim Kardashian Was Caught Talking to a New Guy Known Only as "Fred"

kim kardashian
Kim Is Dating Someone New Called "Fred"Hulu

Looks like Kim Kardashian is officially dating again following her split form Pete Davidson, and she has a code-name for her mystery man: Fred.

Fred was revealed in a teaser for The Kardashians on Hulu featuring Kim chatting about dating with Scott Disick (apparently Fred "so meets the standards"). And we were also treated to footage of her texting, prompting a producer to ask "Is that Fred?" (it most certainly was).

kim kardashian

So, what are Kim's standards, pray tell? Where to even begin. As she put it in the below clip, ahem:

"Number one, protect me. Number two, fight for me. Number three, good hygiene. I mean I think that's a given, I should take that off. Number four, calm. Five, no mom or dad issues. Six, patient. Seven supportive. Genuinely happy for me. Successful. Good teeth. Spontaneous. Fun. My friends and family love him. Someone that can be a role model for my kids especially that my boys can look up to. No heavy baggage I have enough. Taller than me. Someone that loves to work out. A motivated person. An independent person that's not clingy. And someone with good taste."

Good luck, Kim!

Oh, and FYI that Us Weekly dropped a report on March 30 revealing that “Kim isn’t officially dating anybody, but there is somebody who she’s interested in. So far, there have only been subtle flirtations between them, but they haven’t gone out yet.”

Apparently Kim is “interested in pursuing things” with this person but “wants to keep it under the radar” and “She’s not ready to be seen out on a date with anybody for the time being because she doesn’t want to make it a big deal. She knows once she’s seen on a date then things get blown out of proportion quickly, but there is somebody special she has her eye on so she’s excited about where things could go.”

Cut to everyone theorizing some more about Tom Brady in 3, 2, 1....

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