Kim Kardashian appears to call Kendall Jenner’s tequila ‘nasty’ during Kylie’s birthday celebrations

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Kim Kardashian appears to call Kendall Jenner’s tequila ‘nasty’ during Kylie’s birthday celebrations

Kim Kardashian does not seem to enjoy her sister Kendall Jenner’s tequila brand, 818 Tequila.

The SKIMS mogul attended Kylie Jenner’s 25th birthday celebrations alongside other friends and family, a video posted to Kylie’s TikTok on Thursday night (11 August) showed.

In the clip, Kim is heard asking if she can take a shot of tequila and is cheered on by everyone in the room as Kendall walks towards her with open arms.

Another clip, taken after Kylie received a super-rare Hermes Birkin bag from mother Kris Jenner that reportedly cost US$100,000 (£81,949), shows the guests wishing her a happy birthday and taking shots of tequila.

Bottles of what appear to be 818 Tequila are seen on the table in front of them, along with glasses of champagne and wine.

However, Kim quickly spits out her shot and coughs. The person taking the video is heard saying off-camera: “Wait, what?”

Finding it hard to speak after attempting to drink the shot, Kim appears to choke out the words: “So f***ing nasty!”

A Kardashian fan account on TikTok shared the clips with captions, with many viewers commenting that they had “never seen Kim make that face before”.

“KIM SPITTING OUT 818,” one person wrote, while another defended Kim and said: “Kim does not drink btw so this reaction makes sense.”

Kendall, 26, launched 818 Tequila in May 2021, and has since faced a number of issues with the brand including accusations of cultural appropriation and “irresponsible” advertising.

In February this year, 818 Tequila was hit by a lawsuit from a Texas-based tequila company that claimed Kendall’s brand ripped off its logo and colour scheme.

Tequila 512 alleged that their brand has a “highly distinctive logo and colour scheme that has been in place since 2015” and also pointed out how similar the names of both companies are.

A spokesperson for 818 Tequila dismissed the claims in a statement to The Independent, but did not comment further.

The Independent has contacted Kim Kardashian’s representative for comment.