Killing The Spot: Watch Leo Romero's Envious 12-Stair Handrail "Warm Up" Session

Imagine just rolling up to this 12-stair and rifling off trick after trick first try? I mean, don't quote me on that, but I'd bet it all that the majority of these—again, if not all—came first or second try.

Leo Romero just has it like that. In fairness and under the global microscope of skateboarding, you could argue 12 stairs somehow became a thing of the past over the last some-odd years, at least as far as pro skaters are concerned...but there's still  something about the way Leo does it that makes it better.

Call me bias, call it generational, but I'll never get tired of watching Leo rifle off the staples on a handrail of any size. The fact that he's stayed so true to himself and his skating for as long as he has is really something to admire, too. He's still jumping down huge handrails (most of the time just for fun), still progressing and still scaring himself along the way. It's rad.

Still, there's a separation between seeing the new generation do these same tricks at the same spot versus someone like Leo. Maybe it's the fact that he's still doing it that hits so hard? I don't know, but this was skateboarding at it's finest right here. Timeless.

Video / @leoromero

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