Kii Audio's wireless speaker system with hi-res streaming could be a potential KEF-killer

 Kii Seven smart speaker system lifestyle image.
Kii Seven smart speaker system lifestyle image.

German audio manufacturer Kii Audio has revealed the Seven wireless speaker system, and it could offer a more premium alternative to the likes of the five-star KEF LS50 Wireless II or LSX II speaker systems.

The Seven comprises two speakers fitted out with the latest smart streaming technologies and amplification, letting you actively stream tracks to this neat system without the need for extra boxes. Along with wi-fi, there's support for AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect baked in, while Bluetooth and Roon Ready certification complete the set. You can also link multiple Sevens together to create a multi-room system.

Streaming smarts are nothing without good sound, though, and it's here that Kii will have to work hard if it's to knock the likes of KEF and JBL off of their perches. Each speaker unit comprises two 16.5cm woofers, a 12.7cm mid-range driver and a custom wave-guided 2.5cm tweeter, all powered by 600W of amplification for what Kii promises will be a compact and cost-effective speaker solution.

Capable of delivering hi-res audio up to 24-bit/192kHz, the Seven have, according to the manufacturer, been "designed from the ground-up to deliver exceptional sound quality" for your home or studio.

Kii Seven smart speaker system on a white background
Kii Seven smart speaker system on a white background

Unlike many traditional smart speakers, these new units are made deliberately to reduce the impact of surrounding room acoustics. To this end, the Kii Seven has incorporated 'Active Wave Focusing' filters which force the drive units to create a more coherent wavefront emitted only towards the listener, offering what Kii promises will be detailed separation and excellent musicality.

There are digital and analogue physical connections as well, and you can connect the Kii Seven via ethernet for a more stable wireless connection. You can stream playlists and manage playback of all your tunes using the Kii Home App, which also lets users control and customise either a single or multiple speakers for up to 12 separate zones in your home.

Available in two colourways – white or dark grey – the Kii Seven wireless speaker system will be on sale from early 2024, priced at £3,495 / $3,895 for a single speaker and £6,990 / $7,790 for a stereo pair. At this premium price, the Kii Seven will also have to compete against the recently-reviewed premium JBL 4329P Studio Monitor speaker system, which impressed us with its powerful sound and streaming features at £3,499 / $4,500. Let's hope the Kii Audio can take on the established giants.


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