These kids are so over posing for back-to-school photos

This parent on TikTok posted a hilarious video featuring a series of attempts to take a picture of her kids right before school, but they weren’t exactly in the mood to strike a pose.

Kicking off the new school year is a milestone for kids, eagerly commemorated by parents with countless photographs. And while pictures are a great way to preserve these precious memories, wrangling kids for a photo can sometimes be a challenging comedy of errors.

TikToker and parent Breonica Lane (@breonicaaa) knows this all too well. The mom-of-two recently shared a funny video where she tries to snap a few pictures of her kids before school, but they weren’t in the mood for an early morning photo shoot.

The clip opens with a shot of Lane’s daughter, Nylah, and son, Ty, standing in front of their house with the early morning sun shining directly on them.

Pose or something,” Lane tells her kids as they stand staring at her with hilariously tired and blasé facial expressions.

“Don’t start, Nylah,” Lane says in the next shot of her kids posing as if they’re on an album cover. With both thumbs casually tucked in his pants pockets, Ty dramatically gazes towards the ground while Nylah stands, leaning to the side with one hand on her hip and the other making a peace sign.

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Fed up with the photo shoot, Nylah asks why they can’t just take pictures after school. “Today’s day four, come on,” Lane responds, pleading with her daughter, who begrudgingly continues to pose.

In the final shot, Ty assumes the photo shoot’s creative direction like a supportive big brother. He gives his little sister tips on how to pose, culminating in a hysterically moody photograph at the end of the video.

Viewers were in stitches over the relatable back-to-school picture endeavor coupled with the kids’ exasperated dispositions.

“These are the most nonchalant kids I’ve ever seen,” one user commented.

“Bro got an album coming out. He already knows the poses,” joked one TikToker.

“Dude, they’re so cute. And so over it,” one viewer mentioned.

Photo shoots can be tedious, especially before 8 am, but despite the early morning call time, Ty and Nylah are already pros when finding their angles.

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