Will Khloé Kardashian ever find real love? An astrologer weighs in

Khloé Kardashian is arguably the most relatable Kardashian sister — and that, unfortunately, may be partially due to her devastating streak of bad luck when it comes to love.

First came her contentious four-year marriage to Lamar Odom — who just painted a painfully detailed picture of their strained relationship in his tell-all memoir. And just when we thought Khloé might finally get her happily ever after with NBA star Tristan Thompson, that fever dream crashed and burned.

What’s with all the bad luck in love? Did Khloe break a mirror or open an umbrella inside?

The answer might be written in the stars.

According to astrologer Chris Love, Khloé could have a tendency to put on the rose colored glasses when it comes to dating, ignoring the red flags that pop up in the beginning of a relationship. Looking at Khloé’s natal astrology chart, Love says that her Neptune placement could be to blame.

Love notes that Neptune is the planet of idealism, and depending on where it falls in one’s chart, it can be hard to tell, in that area of life, if something is real or coated with an illusion.

Khloé’s Neptune falls in Sagittarius, a sign that lends itself to extreme idealism and farsighted dreams. So, Love notes, Khloé could be focusing in on a picture-perfect love life with all the toppings — a house, kids, pets, the works — but Neptune is blinding her from seeing warning signs that her lover may not be cut out to live up to her expectations.

Love adds that with Khloé being a Cancer sun sign, she’s extremely nurturing, and family means everything to her, making it all the more devastating when the domestic dream life she imagined falls to pieces.

She might try balancing out that BNE — Big Neptune Energy — with a dose of stone cold common sense to avoid history repeating itself, Love suggests. He hopes that with logic and a little bit of luck, Khloé will find her forever love in the future. And even if she doesn’t, that revenge body is still rocking.

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