Khloé Kardashian Responded to a Commenter Who Asked Why She Looks Different in Every Photo

Whether it's about her ex, Tristan Thompson, or her family's promotion of certain teas, Khloé Kardashian usually avoids social media drama. But when she spotted some shade being thrown on her latest Instagram photo, she decided to clap back.

On May 28, Kardashian shared a glam photo of herself to her Instagram account. The picture shows her from the waist up, clad in a tie-dye Off-White turtleneck and sporting a full face of makeup, neon manicure, and slicked-back ponytail à la Ariana Grande. "The Mondayest Thursday ever," she captioned the snap.

As usual, Kardashian's post was quickly met with love and likes from both fans and celebrities. But one fan, in particular, sparked a nerve with their comment: "Why do you look so different in all your photos?"

The fan's comment is likely referring to another photo Kardashian posted recently that sparked a debate online. Many failed to recognize Kardashian in the picture, and that started a conversation about photo editing and social media — especially since this is not the first time the Kardashian clan has been accused of photoshopping. The photo went viral quickly; with memes filling everything from Twitter to the "For You" pages of TikTok. 

It seems like Kardashian was aware of the backlash that's hit since her last photo was posted, and she did not hold back when she saw the comment on her new one. "From my weekly face transplant clearly," she clapped back.

While we love a good clapback, we also love a good answer. Only time will tell if Kardashian or any of her sisters will ever address the ceaseless photoshop and Facetune accusations leveled at them, but we will be waiting.

<h1 class="title">2020-05-29 a las 12.37.48.png</h1><cite class="credit">Screenshot/Instagram @khloekardashian</cite>

2020-05-29 a las 12.37.48.png

Screenshot/Instagram @khloekardashian

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