Khloé Kardashian Addressed Tristan Thompson Reunion Rumors After Kim Supported Him at a Lakers Game

Khloé Kardashian has addressed the latest rumors about her relationship with ex Tristan Thompson. Well, sort of. She addressed them in the most Kar-Jenner way possible, which is by saying a lot without saying much at all. Khloé officially ended things with Thompson in December 2021, after she found out—along with the rest of the world—via a paternity lawsuit that he had cheated on her and gotten another woman pregnant while they were in the midst of having a second child together via surrogate.

Rumors that Kardashian and Thompson are back on started circling this week after her older sister Kim Kardashian was seen at a Los Angeles Lakers game cheering Thompson on while sitting courtside with her daughter North. She wore a very Y2K-inspired outfit and held a sign that had his name written on it.

<h1 class="title">2023 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers</h1><cite class="credit">Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images</cite>

2023 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers

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Given the nature of how Kardashians do things, Kim's appearance led folks to believe that this was a soft launch of Khloé and Tristan's rekindled relationship. But Khloé denied that speculation in a comment she posted on an Instagram account dedicated to herself, which was then shared by the popular account Comments by Celebs.

Here's Khloé's comment, in all its glory:

“Stop pushing this narrative. It’s tiring. But I suppose You guys will continue the narrative you want regardless of what I say so what’s the point. It’s exhausting but I learned people will only understand to the level of their own perception. Most are stuck at believing the lies because it’s the narrative they want to fuel. Have fun…. Some things are just as simple as they seem. A family member supporting another family member ESPECIALLY during a difficult time in life. Example….. just how I support Scott and will forever support him. He’s my brother. It’s just not on an nba stage. Sad new world, If there’s no photos people think it really didn’t happen but yes, I see Scott often. Some things really are just as they are. ❤️”

Here's the original post, followed by the Comments by Celebs post:

The Kar-Jenner family's support of Thompson despite his huge betrayal of Khloé Kardashian (on top of many other betrayals past) is likely what has led people to believe the reconciliation rumors, although one could argue that they are simply supporting the father of the former couple's kids, True and Tatum.

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