KFC and Crocs are Selling Shoes That Smell Like Chicken - Really

Justina Huddleston

It’s happened to all of us – you take off your shoes and are met with a stinky, sweaty stench. But rather than spraying your shoes with deodorant or sprinkling the interior with odor-absorbing powder, what if there were a…tastier solution? Crocs and Kentucky Fried Chicken have teamed up to create a pair of innovative shoes that don’t just look like fried chicken, but smell like it too, and they went on sale today for $60 a pop. Disgusting or ingenious? We’re not sure, but we do want a pair!

The shoes themselves are like the standard Crocs so many people love (or revile). They have an open heel with a strap that goes around your ankle, holes that allow for airflow, and sturdy, non-skid soles. However, one look is all you need to know that these KFC Crocs are anything but standard. The top part of the shoe is decorated with a crispy-looking fried chicken print, while the soles sport the same red and white stripes as the iconic KFC fried chicken bucket.

As for the fried chicken smell, that comes from two “Jibbitz,” charms that you can pop into the holes on your Crocs. The Jibbitz are shaped like juicy fried chicken drumsticks, and smell like them, too.

Usually the smell of our own feet isn’t something that makes us hungry, but if they reeked of fried chicken instead of toe jam, it might be another story.

Unfortunately, as with all good things, there’s a catch. Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs are already sold out. I mean, has there ever been a better time to wear chicken themed Crocs than now, when the only thing most people are seeing of each other is a shoulders-up view in Zoom meetings? Your chicken-scented feet are your own little fashionable secret. Of course they sold out! After one million days in quarantine people are desperate to get their hands on anything that makes them feel even a little something, and that includes chicken shoes.

If you’ve really got your heart set on owning a pair of the KFC Crocs, there’s still hope. You can buy a pair of the chicken-scented shoes on eBay, though it will cost you – some sellers are charging up to $1,000 for a pair (though there are plenty on sale for around $200 or less). That’s more pricey than the alternative (duct taping a piece of fried chicken to the top of the Crocs you already own), but we’re not here to judge.

If you missed out on the Crocs, you can still get your chicken fix with the unique chicken wing recipes in our gallery below.  

Launch Gallery: 33 Irresistible Chicken Wing Recipes in Nearly Every Flavor Imaginable

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