Kevin Love on speaking out about his mental health

Kevin Love on speaking out about his mental health.

Video Transcript


KEVIN LOVE: I just don't want anybody else to tell my story. And immediately then, really soon thereafter, I decided, OK, it's probably time to stop compartmentalizing, living in the shadows, putting this thing off to the side. It's time not only to help myself but potentially help others as well.

I was mostly scared about how it was going to be perceived and if my livelihood was going to be affected. Because I put my entire life and everything into this game. But I was willing to fall on my sword and take one for all the kids out there, any demographic, anybody. Like I said, it doesn't discriminate.

I was willing to just say, you know what? Screw it. I'm just going to play all my cards. I'm going to put it all out there and let the chips fall.

I was so over living in the shadows and being in pain and just trying to hide it from everybody. I think that was the biggest thing. It just felt like I was going to be outed or I was going to be discovered as some type of a fraud. it just wasn't conducive to a happy life or a healthy life for that mattered, living that way.