Kevin Love on returning to Cavs’ practice facility

The Cleveland Cavalier forward describes the scene of how players and coaches are protecting themselves while also working out at a safe distance.

Video Transcript

KEVIN LOVE: Getting back into our facility has been really odd, because we have to do one guy to a basket. We have four main baskets at our facility, and everybody's in masks and gloves. It's really odd to have a rebounder in a mask, in these latex glove-- latex gloves, you know, throwing passes and throwing you a ball. It's like you almost have to put that out of your mind and act like it's not even there.

The players are the only people not shooting with the gloves on. So it's just the-- it's the coaching staff. It's the training staff. It's anybody else that's in the arena. But we are, like, constantly, you know, making sure that we're disinfecting constantly, washing our hands, and just, like, continuing to distance each other in the right way. So we're taking all the necessary precautions.

So it's been-- you know, like for anybody, it's all relative in any line of work. I'm sure it's been really a different time to move and navigate through this space. It's just basketball, I can't imagine what it's going to be like getting back and playing with-- with no fans or fans kind of scattered out through the arena. It's just going to be really, really odd to see how sports slowly start to roll themselves out. But I think it's needed.

It's just such a way to-- even for us, too, like, get out of our own heads and just go and compete. But for-- you know, just sport has a commonality to it, that-- and you know, it just plays itself out and has unique brand of story-- storytelling that's unraveling right before your eyes. So I'm fingers crossed for the season to resume.