How Keurig Owners Can Submit a Claim in the Coffee Brand's $10 Million K-Cup Settlement

Are you eligible for a payout? Find out here.

If you're a Keurig user, you could be eligible for compensation from the coffee company, but hurry—the last day to file a claim is Monday, Jan. 9, 2023.

The beverage brand has agreed to a $10 million settlement following a 2018 lawsuit claiming its K-Cup pods weren’t recyclable, even though they claimed to be.

Apparently, many recycling companies wouldn’t accept the empty used pods because they were too small and often, dirty and extremely difficult to clean.

In addition to supplying customers with monetary compensation, part of the settlement includes the brand updating recycling information on its packaging to more accurately display the circumstances of use.

To qualify, you must have purchased K-Cups between June 2016 and August 2022. Anyone who submits a claim could receive $5 to $36.

Visit the official K-Cup settlement website for more information, and learn about another recent consumer product settlement you may be eligible for.