Kerry Washington Reflects on Directing Last Night's 'Insecure' Episode

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Minor spoilers for Insecure Season 4 ahead.

  • Kerry Washington directed last night's episode of Insecure and shared some behind-the-scenes memories on Twitter.

  • Washington pointed out the importance of the show as protests against racism and police brutality continue: "The world needs more #MomentsOfBlackJoy right now. I think we did that AND more."

Last night, the world saw the fruits of Kerry Washington's "dream job": directing an episode of Insecure.

The Scandal and Little Fires Everywhere star took up post behind the lens for the penultimate episode of Season 4, titled "Lowkey Trying," which focused on the rekindled love between Issa (Issa Rae) and Lawrence (Jay Ellis), an important mental health conversation with Nathan (Kendrick Sampson), and the work (or lack thereof) that Issa and Molly (Yvonne Orji) put into rebuilding their friendship.

Washington enthusiastically live-tweeted as the episode aired on HBO. She thanked Insecure star and creator Issa Rae for the opportunity, praised the cast and crew's contributions, and shared sweet behind-the-scenes photos. "This crew is EVERYTHING!!!!! Loved working on this team," she wrote in one tweet.

Rae, who was also tweeting, even divulged an insider tidbit about the loved-up opening sequence between Issa and Lawrence. "Shot the opening montage the day before Thanksgiving," Rae tweeted. "We ran out of time and were gonna do the sex scenes after lunch, but me and Jay's starving asses were like, 'SHOOT THEM NOW, KERRY. PLEASE!' She agreed and we were fuckin up that pizza for real in the next scene. #InsecureHBO."

Washington confirmed, "True story."

While commemorating her accomplishment, Washington also acknowledged the relevanceโ€”and necessityโ€”of Insecure's celebration of Black joy in a time when the fight against systemic racism and police brutality is amplified.

"I've been a huge fan of Insecure since the jump," she tweeted. "This is a show that showcases our full humanity. Our beautiful joys & struggles. Our culture, our neighborhoods. Our rich alive blackness. To direct this show was a privilege! I'm so proud to be part of the @insecurehbo family."

She continued, "The world needs more #MomentsOfBlackJoy right now. I think we did that AND more. I hope you'll watch, and I hope you laugh. Or cry. Or blush. Or scream. Whatever you need to do. We're all out here #LowkeyTrying #KerryDirectsInsecure."

The Season 4 finale of Insecure airs next Sunday, June 14, on HBO.

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