Kenzie Ziegler tries to justify hanging out with her friends: 'I literally can't'

“Dance Moms” alum Kenzie Ziegler — younger sister to Maddie — went live on TikTok recently to address the swirl of news stories reporting that she hasn’t been social distancing. 16-year-old Ziegler had allegedly been spotted attending several parties in Los Angeles, including at least one at the Hype House in August. Ziegler’s reaction to the allegations she’s been out partying during a pandemic has been to first post an Instagram Story apologizing. and then following up with the aforementioned TikTok stream where she defended herself. The Instagram Story from August 11 was screenshotted and shared to another Instagram account. this was Ziegler’s last time apologizing because she went on TikTok on August 31 to justify her behavior. “I’m not gonna go my whole life without seeing my friends because, like, I literally can’t,” she said. “And I feel like everyone feels that too”. “what does she think the rest of us are doing?” one Twitter user replied to the clips. “i havent seen my friends or parents in ages and this is how she complains??” said another Twitter follower