Will Kenyan Drake disappoint in week 4?

FFL Flash Alert - Yahoo Sports' Andy Behrens explains why Cardinals' Kenyan Drake will have a big week 4 vs. Carolina.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: When has Kenyan Drake ever disappointed you? Except for pretty much every week so far this season. But not this week. I'm going to take the over on 70 and a half rushing yards. He gets the Carolina Panthers. Fantasy players certainly know that Carolina on the season, allowing the second most fantasy points to the position. Josh Jacobs went off against that defense. Leonard Fournette went off against that defense. Austin Ekeler went off against that defense.

Kenyan Drake is going to do it this week. He's actually got a great slate of three straight games coming up. You're going to appreciate the Kenyan Drake experience now. He doesn't have less than 16 carries in any game so far this season. You do that against Carolina, and it is way over 70 rushing yards.