Kentucky players pretend to administer first aid to a teammate after hilarious flop

Nick Bromberg
·1 min read

If you’re going to flop, you have to sell it.

Kentucky defensive back Brandin Echols got pushed by NC State’s Devin Carter in the third quarter of the Gator Bowl on Saturday and he made sure that Carter’s 15-yard penalty for the push was deserved.

Put that man in your local drama club right now.

His teammates got an assist for the acting job too. As Echols stayed down on the ground he had two teammates come over and pretend to administer first aid.

Kentucky was able to have some fun with Echols’ penalty because it was up 13-0. That NC State drive ended with a missed field goal as the Wildcats stifled the Wolfpack offense for most of the game.

UK also entered the game as the favorite despite finishing with a 4-6 record while NC State was 8-3.

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