Kenny Stills has felony charges from arrest at Breonna Taylor protest dropped after review

Chris Cwik

Houston Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills will not be charged with a felony for protesting Breonna Taylor’s death. Stills, along with everyone else arrested at the protest, had his felony charge dropped by a Jefferson County attorney Friday.

Attorney Mike O’Connell released a statement, stating the charges will be dropped “in the interest of justice and the promotion of the free exchange of ideas.”

Stills, 28, was among the 87 people arrested for protesting Taylor’s death. The group marched to the front lawn of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s house Tuesday. Every person arrested was charged with intimidating a participant in the legal process, misdemeanor disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. Intimidating a participant in the legal process is a felony.

While the felony charge was dropped, O’Connell said his office would “continue to review the misdemeanors and violations for prosecution at a later date.” Anyone charged with the felony will have that charge expunged from their record.

Protestors in Louisville have called for police reform and for the officers involved in Taylor’s death to be arrested. Taylor, a 26-year-old Black ER technician, was shot and killed by Louisville police officers while sleeping in her apartment in March. One of the officers involved in the incident has been fired. The other two are still on the force.

Shortly after the arrest. Stills tweeted out a picture of his mugshot, in which he’s wearing a shirt advocating for the arrest of the police officers who killed Taylor.

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