Kenny Smith on 'Old Basketball Cards'

Kenny Smith defends Scottie Pippen and builds a championship team on 'Old Basketball Cards'

Video Transcript

MIKE OZ: Hey, I'm Mike Oz from Yahoo Sports. This is "The Jet", Kenny Smith. And we are going to open some old basketball cards.

MARV ALBERT: Smith, looking for the 3. He's been on fire. It hits! He's tied the game at 110, with 1 and 6/10 seconds remaining. And that is an NBA Finals record for Kenny Smith. That's his seventh from downtown.


MIKE OZ: Kenny, what's up, man? You know, NBA nostalgia is all the rage right now. We're all sort of in shutdown. We've been reminiscing about sports of yesteryear. What have you been doing recently? What's going on with you?

KENNY SMITH: Well, even this year is yesteryear, isn't it?


MIKE OZ: It seems like it, man. January-- January seems like five years ago.

"Inside the NBA"-- you guys have been on forever. We're talking basketball cards. You're talking '91, '92. And the show is actually older than that, right? Because the show's been going for 30 years. How-- how are you enjoying all the nostalgia, especially with the MJ doc? I mean, you were a teammate with him in college. You guys, the Rockets, won those titles, you know, in the '90s also. So how have you enjoyed the reminiscing about these?

KENNY SMITH: I think, you know, it's interesting. Because, you know, like you said, you lived it. It's not like you were watching it or learning about it. Like, some of those things, you had input in. Like, you actually said things. Or you actually talked to Bulls players. Or you actually were part of the thing.