Kendall Jenner looks exactly like her sister Kylie with overlined lips

Circa 2014, Kylie Jenner’s overlined lips were the talk of the town (pun intended) – and we were all dying to know the tips and tricks behind her voluminous pout. But in recent years, her elder sister Kendall has taken over the overlined lip throne (metaphorically speaking, of course). Step aside Ky, it seems that our Kenny is a makeup ­~guru~ nowadays and we’re so here for it 😍.

Last month, celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips, whose clientele includes none other than Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and J-Lo, shared a picture on Instagram of Kendall’s latest makeup look. And let’s just say, other than the gorgeous blushed eye and peachy cheek combo, fans couldn’t get enough of the star’s lips.

A nude mega overlined lip and natural gloss seem to be Kendall’s trademark day-to-night glam ATM. And naturally, she has pulled through once again to cement her title as the current reigning lip kween.

In a recent Instagram post, Kylie Jenner revealed the upcoming Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with her sister coming to us April 6. Whilst we’re super-duper excited about the shadow palette, blush quad, and peachy gloss, the one thing that stood out to us in the campaign shoot (in addition to Kendall’s now-signature plump pout) was just how similar the two sisters look.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The two are sisters, so they’re bound to share similar features, but we think they look almost identical! Wouldn’t you agree? Take a look below:

The launch can't come soon enough as I'm sure we're all desperate to try Kenny's lip look out for ourselves. I wonder if they're taking applications for a third Jenner sister?

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