Kelly Stafford says her NFL player husband Matthew Stafford was accused of paying for her breast implants: ‘Worst boob job you have ever seen’

Kelly Stafford is opening up about her plastic surgery regrets. The Morning After podcast host, who is married to Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, spoke about the drama surrounding her breast implants. "I saved up a ton of money. I worked in high school, from birthdays, I just saved it all. I dressed so terribly, I wasn't buying clothes, that wasn't my thing. Again, still not really my thing," she explained on the podcast. “I went and got a boob job. And Matthew was totally against this. He was like, 'Do not do it, please don't do it.’ And I was like, 'Love you, but I've wanted this for a long time, and this is about me, it's not about you.'"

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