Kelly Slater Nearly Snakes Brett Barley on Skeleton Bay Screamer (Clip)

The surf world’s Great Namibian Pilgrimage of 2023 continues to unravel.

Lots happened over a few days, with lots of the world’s greatest tube-riders on deck, welcoming the return of the world’s longest lefthand barreling pointbreak, Skeleton Bay.

Tons of clips to unpack; YouTube edits galore; hours of footage. But here’s one, easily digestible snippet, which went down, during the smorgasbord of African surf eye candy.

Brett Barley, proud North Carolinian and no stranger to Skeleton Bay, was threading one of the Namibian pointbreaks patented, ceaseless drainers when Kelly Slater, first-timer at the spot, nearly dropped in on his fellow east coaster.

Narrowly avoiding decapitation by the lip, getting a shampoo by a chandelier section, and navigating the foamball, Barley was in a semi precarious position during this wild ride on the wave many are now calling “the donkey.” And so, Slater had a look. But instead of dropping in, realizing Barley was still chugging, he pulled back.

Captioning the clip, Barley wrote:

“When @kellyslater wants your wave 👀 Haha I thought the GOAT was gonna burn me on this Skeleton Bay runner as soon as my head clipped the lip mid pump, and I was back on the foamball. 😂 But he was gracious and watched me pass by. Thanks for holding off!”

Others, commenting on the clip, wrote:

“It’s Gotta be spooky having him watch you on a wave”

“GOAT or not, first rule: respect”

“Outta the way Kelly 😂”

More Skeleton Bay shenanigans to come.


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