Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos Detail Fire Department Response After 2 a.m. 'Incident'

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos were in for a rude awakening—literally.

On the May 10 episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, Ripa began the show yawning and stretching. "Guys, we're a little tired. We did not get a lot of rest last night. We had an incident in our house. I'm not gonna name names but the fire department came," Ripa told the audience, jokingly glaring at her husband Consuelos as he laughed.

An audience member asked what Consuelos did, and the couple explained that they were kidding about it being his fault and he did "nothing."

Consuelos added, "There's nothing like being awakened at 2 a.m. by the alarm going off. We have this [fire alarm] that says 'Fire! Fire! Fire!'" Ripa then joined in, mimicking the harsh noises the alarm makes.

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The Riverdale alum explained that he tried to turn the alarm off, but he didn't remember the code. "So I go downstairs, I'm playing [with the alarm trying to shut it off] and the fire department shows up," said Consuelos.

Ripa said she also received a call from the fire department asking for the code and she "just started saying words," including their secret passwords. "It was like the worst final round of Jeopardy!," she joked.

Turns out the issue was that one of their home alarms expired in April 2023, so there was no cause for concern. The Consuelos-Ripa family still made the most of the bothersome experience, with their daughter Lola taking pictures of the whole ordeal.

And we're just glad to know their alarms work!