Kelly Osbourne on Being Pro-Surgery and Why Purple Hair Is Her Perfect Color

Kelly Osbourne has evolved from a rock star daughter into a celebrity known for her beauty risks, but make no mistake — she’s still Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter. “I’ve always thought I was the image of my mother… [but] I am so much like my father it’s ridiculous,” Osbourne tells Yahoo Beauty. She thanks her mom for important lessons on beauty and confidence. “The greatest gift she ever gave me was teaching me that it’s OK to be me. Once you understand that form of mental beauty, you care less about the physical appearance part of it.” Here in her Beauty Story, the judge of Project Runway: Junior discusses her purple hair (“I’ve never ever, ever…felt more like me”), being pro plastic surgery (“for the right reasons”), and the beauty faux pas that wound up making her cry in a good way (“I could have ended up looking like a Teletubby”).


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