Kelly Clarkson's Cover of Billy Joel Will Leave You Mesmerized

I am a goosebump.

If there's any one person on Earth who could outsing every other, it would be Kelly Clarkson.

The American Idol winner-turned-talk-show-host features a segment called "Kellyoke," where she covers another artist's song, on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and this week, she took on Billy Joel, singing—and rocking—"My Life."

Her crystal-clear intonation and subtle riffs on the original melody will leave you with goosebumps up and down your arms. It feels especially powerful when you think about her strained relationship with her estranged father.

It's not hard to believe that she may be belting "I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life, go ahead with your own life, leave me alone," directly to him, making it all the more meaningful.

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Don't take our word for it, though. One of the very top comments on the show's YouTube account admits, "Chills still when she sings."

"she just NAILS every song she sings....absolutely incredibly talented!" another comment underneath the clip read.

"She stood in front of the row when God handed out talent and personality. I honestly cannot say anything negative about her," complimented another.

One viewer was certain that "Billy Joel would really be proud of her on this song!!!" and another called for the "Queen and King of music" to get together for a duet.

Could we see him featured on a future segment of "Songs & Stories?" Kelly, can you make the call?

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