Keke Palmer's New Passion Twists Will Make You Want to Schedule a Hair Appointment ASAP

Gabi Thorne

Lately, Keke Palmer has been switching up her hair so often, it's almost hard to keep up. The actor has given us look after look with wigs in various colors of the rainbow, like the neon green and seafoam version she debuted in May, or the bright reddish-pink, waist-length unit she wore a few days after. She's twirled in a gorgeous set of box braids and even given us a glimpse at her own natural curls and kinks

Recently, though, after a facial gone wrong left her feeling like she lost some important parts of her hairline, she's back with a new twisted protective style — and her baby hairs look lovely, too.

Palmer shared her new bob-length passion twists with her Instagram fans on July 26. In the post, she explains how the new style made her nostalgic for her vacation bible school days and an old crush she had during the time. "I had the biggest crush on this boy Frankie lolol he was way older than me so it was a little kid crush," wrote Palmer. 

To pair with her new look, the star was casually dressed in a Nike sports bra with a crossbody bag slung over her shoulder in the reveal video, below.

The twists are super cute and extremely fresh-looking, thanks to the work of Atlanta-based hairstylist Tee, known as euphoricstylez

To keep the twists out of her face, the singer pulled half of them into a high ponytail using a baby pink scrunchie. Though she was previously worried about the loss of her baby hairs after that facial mishap, her edges look good and slicked down with a simple swoop on each side. 

As per usual, Palmer looks great with the new style. We can't wait to see what she has for us next. 

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