Keke Palmer Plays Easter Bunny in Adorable Photoshoot With Son Leo

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There are a few certain things in this life; death, taxes, and Keke Palmer doing an extravagant photoshoot with her son for a holiday.

Keeping with tradition this Easter Sunday, Palmer shared yet another beautiful series of photos to celebrate the holiday on March 31. Dressed head-to-toe in the cutest Easter Bunny costume you've ever seen, Palmer looked like a pastel dream while holding her one-year-old son, Leo — short for Leodis.

“Happy Easter from me and my little boy and a Happy Resurrection Day,” Palmer wrote in the caption. “The love God has for Jesus, and the love I have for my son Leo, is a reflection of the love God has for me! It’s never ending.”

Palmer posed in front of a green-draped background with bunny decor and flowers. She wore a blush pink corset top and white miniskirt with matching white tights and bunny ears. Her son Leo looked adorable in a white and pink outfit that matched his mom.

“Leo my son, life is so much better with you in it! I’d live a thousands lives just to see your face,” she continued.

Keke Palmer gave birth to son Leo last February and has proudly shown off her year of mothering to the world via Instagram. For Christmas, Palmer staged a glamorous photoshoot with son Leo as Keke Claus — wearing a long, red gown and bleach-blonde hair with matching bleached eyebrows. Her son was sat at her feet dressed as an adorable elf and was appropriately called “Santa's little helper.” For Halloween, Palmer again went all out with the themed photos, dressing up as the Bride of Frankenstein, with Leo dressed as a cuter version of Dr. Frankenstein.

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