Keke Palmer, Javicia Leslie Play With Our Emotions in Amazing X-Men Halloween Cosplay

Photo:  Kena Betancur/AFP, Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)
Photo: Kena Betancur/AFP, Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Beyond Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine to join his friend Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3, Marvel Studios hasn’t made any announcements on its plans for the X-Men. Of course, that hasn’t stopped fans from making their top casting choices known. Chief among them is Keke Palmer as Rogue.

On Sunday, the Nope star sent fans into a frenzy when she posted photos and video of herself in character as Rogue. With the caption “You had a request….,” the Lightyear actress tweeted out four photos of herself in awesome Rogue cosplay. The first photo was a poster for X-Men Origins: Rogue, a fake movie I absolutely need to see now. The second featured a triumphant Rogue standing on the head of a fallen Sentinel. The third photo shows her hovering over the city, and somehow still looking glamorous, while the fourth has her on top of a fighter jet, possibly ready to attack a bad guy.

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As if that wasn’t enough to get Black nerds super excited about the prospect of Keke as Rogue, the singer/actress posted a video on Instagram where she hilariously reveals the not-so-secret truth behind effects heavy comic book movies and writes, “There’s nothing I won’t do for you guys! In your Marvel Universe, I’ll always be Rogue.”

Honestly, Rogue really didn’t get a chance to be great in the early 2000s X-Men films, so it would be cool to see Palmer bring a completely different energy to the character.

Not to be outdone, Batwoman star Javicia Leslie stirred the pot with a fun Instagram video where she cast herself as Storm. In the clip, the actress is suddenly hit with a painful transformation, then as lightning takes over her body, she becomes Storm. With the hero’s signature white hair and clad in her black and gold costume, Leslie and her team put together a spot on version of the mutant leader.

With Palmer, Leslie and even Giancarlo Esposito all throwing their hats into the ring for the X-Men, it seems pretty clear that the MCU version of the team should be all Black. It’s what the people deserve!

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