Kehlani Poses With Buff New Boo on Instagram

kehlani and kiara russell
kehlani and kiara russell
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Kehlani is surrounded by strong, loving arms.

The singer has been spotted several times on Instagram with a new romantic partner, months after breaking up with former girlfriend, rapper 070 Shake. But who exactly is this new boo?

It’s Kiara Russell, a former Arizona State basketball player and current UCONN Women’s Basketball Graduate Assistant.

Kehlani, who’s album Blue Water Road came out last year to widespread critical acclaim, posted a picture on her Instagram Stories that immediately had fans trying to find out who her new girlfriend is.

In the picture, she’s taking a mirror selfie while a woman with braids and large, muscular arms is holding her. That woman is UCONN Women’s Basketball Graduate Assistant Kiara Russell, Kehlani’s current partner.

kehlani and kiara russell
kehlani and kiara russell

Photo: Instagram (@kehlani)

Three weeks ago, Russell posted a series of photos on her Instagram labeled “love n happiness dump.” One of the pictures shows Kehlani driving a car and seemingly singing along to the radio. Russell took the picture from the passenger seat.

Another pic in the set shows Russell and Kehlani with their arms around each other taking a mirror selfie — and we’ve got to say, Russell’s muscles look GREAT around Kehlani!

Last year, Kehlani was dating singer and rapper 070 Shake, but the two broke up in September. The two reportedly started dating late in 2021.

Kehlani certainly seems to be happy with Russell, and we’d be happy if the two of them keep on posting cute and hot pics together.

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