Keep toys organized with these simple tidying hacks

This TikTok parent shared her brilliantly simple tips for keeping toys organized!

Kate Bast (@thebastfamily) is a mom and TikToker who shares parenting hacks and DIY activities for kids. Kate loves finding creative ways to keep things organized around her home, and recently shared a video revealing how she keeps her children’s toys organized. In the video, Kate shows how a few bags and baskets and a bit of painter’s tape can ensure toys stay off the floor and in their designated places!

The video begins with a caption that reads, “Are toys taking over your home?” Kate stands in front of the camera in a child’s bedroom. Toys are scattered across the floor and piled on top of each other chaotically. Kate smiles at the camera as she begins to pick up the toys and place them in a basket.

Then, the camera cuts to a shot of Kate’s garage, where Kate shares her first tip: “Use painter’s tape to make toy parking spaces.” In the first shot of the garage, several toys, including a scooter, a bicycle, and a push car are scattered across the space.

Then, the video cuts to a shot where the painter’s tape is being used. Instead of toys sitting at random across the garage, Kate has used the tape to outline different-sized parking spots for each toy. Each toy now sits against the garage wall, “parked” in its proper spot.

Next, the video cuts to the bathroom, where Kate shares her second tip: “Hang a basket using command hooks to organize bath toys.” The video cuts from a bathtub littered with colorful plastic toys to a shot of the same bathtub, now sparkling clean, with a basket hanging above it full of toys.

Finally, Kate shares her third tip: “Make more space by putting puzzles and board games in bags.” Kate demonstrates how she places puzzle pieces and game pieces into smaller bags to clear up space in her cabinets.

Viewers applauded Kate’s useful organization tips.

“Organizing toys feels so good. Love these tips!” one viewer wrote.

“This is really helpful,” commented another viewer.

“The bag idea for puzzles/games is so smart and I am definitely doing that now!” wrote another TikToker.

If your home is frequently littered with toys, it might be worth trying one of Kate’s simple toy organization hacks!

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