Keep little ones from rolling out of bed with ordinary pool noodles

This mom on TikTok made a DIY barrier using pool noodles to keep her toddler from falling out of bed, and viewers are loving the brilliant and budget-friendly parenting hack!

TikToker Jade (@mamabearmeals) is a busy parent and vlogger who often posts clips of parenting hacks, recipes, and shopping excursions. One of Jade’s videos features a clever DIY hack that prevents toddlers from falling out of bed, and it’s a money-saving game changer!

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The mom of three opens the clip with a shot of her toddler’s bed. Jade explains that “instead of buying expensive bed rails,” she uses pool noodles to keep her toddler from falling out of bed.

Per Jade’s instructions, all that’s needed for this toddler bed trick are three pool noodles and some duct tape.

To make the bed barrier, Jade says to duct tape all three pool noodles together in the shape of a triangle.

Jade demonstrates in the following footage that she puts the pool noodle barrier underneath her toddler’s mattress protector, keeping it steady and secure on the bed so “it doesn’t slip and slide.”

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Once the pool noodle barrier is fastened underneath the mattress protector, all that’s left to do is make the bed.

“We started doing this right when he transitioned into a toddler bed, and it’s worked wonders,” Jade enthuses as the video closes with a shot of the fully made bed, complete with a fun dinosaur comforter and sheet set.

Parents took to the comments to share their love for Jade’s clever DIY pool noodle barrier.

“I’m [going to] do this when we take our son’s mattress off the floor. I’m so worried [about] him falling off his bed,” shared one parent.

“That is what my mum’s friend had told us to do, and it works wonders,” chimed in another TikToker.

“Can’t wait to try this,” one eager viewer noted.

Countless expensive products, such as bed rails, are considered essential for babies and toddlers. However, Jade’s video demonstrates that going the DIY route can be just as effective, not to mention much cheaper.

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