Keep your feet warm and cozy with the best slipper socks

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Tired of constant cold feet? Keep your toes toasty with the best slipper socks. Whether for early mornings, late nights, or as a travel staple, slipper socks are an easy swap from your favorite slippers to keep you cozy and comfortable. Find a style that fits your aesthetic from pastels to funky patterns. Some slipper socks are even made with added grip so you can keep your footing on slick floors. Plush and soft, you’re sure to find a pair that you can’t live without. Though the options are plentiful, below you’ll find a curated list of the top slipper socks in 2022 just for you. Let’s get into it!

Top Picks

Best overall: Zando Slipper Socks

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If you want a pair of comfortable and stylish slipper socks, then these Zando fuzzy ones are a smart investment. These are manufactured with premium quality fabric that is bound to keep you warm all day. The microfiber plush fabric is great since it’s lightweight and super comfortable. The footwear is breathable and a great gift choice for birthdays and Christmas.

These socks will easily fit most feet and reach a little over the ankle. They are super comfortable and will not place any undue pressure on your feet. They are stretchable but not saggy. Additionally, unlike many other pairs, they are great to wear while you sleep since they keep your feet warm but do not make them feel stuffy. The color scheme is super diverse and will match all your outfits.


  • Soft and breathable

  • Warm and cozy

  • Pretty colors


  • Size runs slightly small

Best design: VERO MONTE Slipper Socks

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These genuine Vero Monte slipper socks are among the best on the market today. The design and quality have been maintained to their standard since 1998.Similarly, these warm and soft slippers are no different. The exterior is 100% acrylic, whereas the inner lining is polyester. The padded foam sole on the socks ensures comfort, thanks to its silicone grip dots. The durable anti-skid sole is great for keeping you safe from falls and slips.

Extra traction offers you safety on polished surfaces and even the smoothest floors. This is especially a great option for seniors and will likely keep them secure and safe from any mishaps. The dual-layer keeps your feet warm in the winters. The shape is a form-fitting one but super comfortable. The socks are easy to care for too and are machine washable. This can also be the perfect gift in the winter months, which your friends will certainly be grateful for.


  • Super soft

  • Provides adequate warmth

  • Stretchable

  • Non-slip sole


  • Tend to slip off

  • Inaccurate sizing

Best for the holidays: DG Hill Slipper Socks

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Credit: Amazon

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These extra cozy socks have a thick thermal sherpa lining, perfect for keeping your feet cushioned and warm.The double layers offer the most insulation and absorb the effect of walking on cold hard ground. They are super plush and have non-slip soles. The grippers are made of silicon that will not let you slip on tile, marble or hardwood floors. You can wear it indoors with your perfect pair of loungewear and stay cozy all day.

The extensive craftsmanship and bright hues are great to match with similar colored outfits. A large range of patterns lets you choose which of the two designs you want. The options are endless, from charming and sophisticated designs to fun and holiday-worthy ones. Since they are a pack of two, they are also the perfect gift for your loved ones this winter.


  • Soft and warm

  • Versatile

  • Comfortable


  • Small fit

Best for women: SDBING Slipper Socks

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Credit: Amazon

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This high-quality pair is lined with fleece and incorporates polyester, nylon and spandex for the ultimate fit. They are stretchable and elastic and will fit your feet snugly. The silicon rubber grips will prevent slipping on any surface. This makes them great for elders and children who are more prone to falls on tiled flooring.

Available in 29 different colors and designs, the options may seem endless, but certainly gives you plenty of styling options. These warm socks are great to give to anyone, especially in the winter. The sizing option is quite diverse; nonetheless, it’s always better to choose a larger size than your feet to stay on the safe side.


  • Keeps feet warm

  • Premium quality

  • Comfortable and soft


  • Sizing dilemmas

Best for men: Daventry Slipper Socks

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Credit: Amazon

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These ultra-soft socks are manufactured with a blend of thick fabrics. Incorporating polyester and spandex provides amazing elasticity and softness.

Owing to their luxurious look, they can be worn indoors and outdoors. The soles provide the traction you need and ensure you don’t slip or fall. These are perfect for the aged and sick people who cannot afford injuries or slips. The design is made gender-neutral thus is perfect for men and women alike. The stretchiness makes them easy to put on by the user or any helping hand. The premium quality materials make them plush and lightweight. The top-quality pair is great since it is available in many colors and designs. You can choose the pairs you like and get slipper socks that combine safety and fashion.


  • Warm and snug

  • Fluffy and plush

  • Perfect grip bottom


  • Short length

A buyer’s guide to finding the perfect pair of slipper socks

When we talk about winter essentials, socks top the list. Especially in colder regions, people layer up with thick socks to keep themselves insulated from the cold. Wearing thicker socks and layering is essential for staying safe and warm during particularly harsh weather. Combining extra warmth with convenience and comfortability, slipper socks are definitely a winter must-have.

To help you make the best decision about which slipper socks to buy, you’ll need to understand a few basics. Read on to learn the ins and outs of this essential clothing item, from where they came from to how to care for them.

The history of slipper socks

Shoes, socks and other foot coverings have been around for centuries. The cold weather and rough ground always required layering up, so people were motivated to find a solution. The earliest evidence of socks dates back to the Egyptian era, where the pharaoh’s tomb consisted of socks and slippers along with gold and other things his people thought to be essential. Now, in the modern era, surfaces are smoother, so shoes are worn less frequently indoors, and there is a greater need for good traction no matter the texture of the floor. Thus, emerged the concept of slipper socks or socks that come with grippers to prevent any injuries.

This need was taken seriously because of research that reported a huge percentage of seniors falling due to slippery floors. The same was found to be true for kids. In order to make life easier for adults and protect elders and children, slipper socks first entered the market. Thanks to the smart design, many people tried the new invention and now prefer these over socks and regular slippers.

Reasons to invest in slipper socks

There are many reasons people prefer slipper socks over other options, including comfort, functionality and durability.


These socks are constructed with several layers. The layers help keep your feet warm and cushion your feet while you walk. The grippers, which primarily provide traction, also provide cushioning in all the right spots.

Anti-slip feature

The best part about slipper socks is the addition of the anti-skid sole. There are two main types of anti-skid soles: one that is stiffer and more like slippers or just dotted points primarily on your heel and toes attached to a more traditional sock design. Personal preference will dictate which you want.

Warm and cozy

Owing to their layers, these socks are super warm. The fabric used varies, but the inner lining is typically breathable with a well-insulated exterior. This will keep your feet and toes warm, aiding with proper blood circulation in your feet despite the cold weather.

What to look for in slipper socks

When you opt for a pair of slippers socks, there are some things you should look for. Here are some of the top considerations.


First, consider what material the slipper socks should ideally be made out of. The material you opt for depends on the region’s climate and the level of warmth you’re looking for in socks. Many fabrics are used, such as cotton, nylon and wool, to make slipper socks. You can choose one that lets you breathe but keeps your feet toasty simultaneously. Opt for double-layered woolen socks if you’re looking for thick, fuzzy ones or cotton socks for in-between season days.

Sole grips

Grippers on your sock also are of prime importance. Some sole grips will easily tear off the bottom of your sock, depending on their fastening mechanism. Glue tends to wear off over time. If the soles are more similar to the bottom of a slipper, the grip won’t wear off, but make sure that the grip is effective and not too stiff to the point of being uncomfortable.

Size and shape

For socks, the size and shape need to be perfect. If the size is too small, your feet will be cramped and uncomfortable; it is recommended that you get one size bigger than your normal shoe size. Similarly, the length of the socks is a consideration. For maximum warmth, our recommendation is to go for ankle-length or longer.


Don’t opt for something that will wear out after a single wash. Look for durability with your slipper socks. Always opt for a pair that promises to last at least a season. You can then swap them for something different. Many pairs tear up after a few uses, due to the poor fabric used. Stay clear of such pieces to ensure the longevity of the product.


No matter how good the fabric is or how perfect the fit is, the slipper socks are only worth it if they are comfortable on your feet. Choose slipper socks that don’t hurt your feet while walking and boast of being super plush and comfortable. Some find the more sock-like structure to be more comfortable because it offers greater flexibility. Others might find the stability of the slipper-like style to be more supportive and thus comfortable.

Colors and designs

Even though slipper socks are worn indoors, the design and color are important too. Go for a pattern you like or one that matches your loungewear. If you plan on wearing them outside, go for solid colors.

How to take care of your slipper socks

A huge complaint about slipper socks is that they don’t last very long. The fabric tears up, and there’s fuzz everywhere. Although this can be an issue on the manufacturing side, it can also be due to the user’s carelessness.

These are delicate pieces, like many clothing items, and can only be machine washed on a delicate cycle. Similarly, some slipper sock brands recommend hand washing them, so as not to ruin them. Always opt for the method mentioned in the wash instructions and use them carefully to make them last longer.

People also asked

Q: What size should I buy?

A: Always go for a size up if you buy online, since slightly loose socks are usually better than tight ones. However, if you shop on-site, go for your original size.

Q: Are slipper socks good for kids?

A: Yes! These are anti-slip and are super safe for kids, adults, and seniors.

Q: Can I make DIY non-slip socks?

A: Many tutorials are available online and guide you on making these at home, which can be a fun project. They may not be the same quality and comfort as commercially manufactured ones, though.

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