How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Pet Thieves

How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Pet Thieves
How To Keep Your Dog Safe From Pet Thieves
woman caressing dog keeping dog safe from pet thieves
woman caressing dog keeping dog safe from pet thieves

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As a dog owner, knowing how to keep your dog safe from pet thieves is essential information. Thankfully, there are some simple steps that you can take. For instance, microchipping your dog, securing your home’s outdoor spaces, and being vigilant on social media can all help to keep your beloved dog safe. Here’s all you need to know about how to keep your dog safe from pet thieves.

Supervise your dog outside

Generally, it’s smart practice to always supervise your dog when they are outside. Never let them roam around outside alone. Additionally, you should make sure to always use a leash when you and your dog are outside. This is to protect both your dog and other canines and humans. Also, in some places, it’s likely illegal to allow your dog to run off-leash in public places. So read up on your state’s dog leash laws!

Share carefully on social media

Usually, it’s common to start your day by checking out your regular social media feeds. Obviously, this likely includes sharing pictures and stories about your beloved dog.

However, it’s important to make sure that you don’t inadvertently share too much information that could help out a pet thief. For example, avoid sharing any information about your dog’s habits (or antics!) that a pet thief could take advantage of.

Also, never share your exact location. This includes any favorite parks or places that you and your dog might hang out at on a regular basis at the same time of day.

Be vigilant in public

You and your dog might love to spend time together in public places. But unfortunately, there are also many devious people out there who might be looking to harm or take advantage of your dog.

Generally, always keep a close eye on your dog in public places. This is especially so if your dog is very athletic, curious, or prone to wandering off in search of the next adventure.

Similarly, it’s smart to be wary of any strangers who might approach your dog or ask questions about your canine. If you don’t know the person — or something seems off — it’s best to stay cautious.

Finally, make sure that you never leave your dog alone in your car or tied up outside a store or business — even if you only think you’ll be inside for barely a minute.

Secure your home

If your dog benefits from a large garden or yard to play in, you’ll want to take a quick moment to make sure that it’s actually a secure area. For instance, make sure to take these steps:

  • Firstly, check the fencing to make sure it’s secure. This includes looking for any gaps or holes in the fencing.

  • Secondly, make sure any gates or doors are properly locked.

  • Thirdly, always keep your dog inside if you are not home. Never leave your dog outside if no one is home.

Microchip your dog

Microchipping your dog is a relatively cheap and super effective way of keeping your dog safe. Generally, your vet will be able to advise you on the process (which won’t hurt your dog). This way, if your dog is found by a stranger, they will be able to take your dog to a local vet who can track you down. Learn more in our microchipping guide.

Use ID tags

Finally, make sure that your dog wears their ID tags when out and about! Also, ensure that your contact information (including your phone number) is both up-to-date and easy to read.

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