Keep Creepy Crawlers Out of Your Garden With These 22 Bug-Repelling Plants

There are many benefits to having a garden, but when bugs try to take over, it's never a good situation. Whether your garden is located next to your deck and attracts mosquitoes, flies, and other unwanted pests to your social area or it's the feeding ground to aphids, mites, and all sorts of creepy-crawly things, there are some natural ways to keep pests out without resorting to chemicals - and plants are a great place to start. Believe it or not, fighting off bugs with certain plants is a practice that's been used for decades, and there are a whole bunch of plants that can do the trick. Lemon balm and garlic, for example, produce smells that ward off mosquitos, flies, and beetles. If this natural approach to a bug-free garden appeals to you, have a look at the insect-repelling plants, ahead.

-Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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