Keep Your Clips Up #3: Best Ski Videos of the Week

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." While he was onto something in the '80s, I don't know if Ferris Bueller's advice applies to 2024. Thanks to the non-stop deluge that is social media, life's now moving at warp speed—blink, and you're out of luck. That’s where Keep Your Clips Up—a weekly collection of the best videos in skiing—comes in.

We're in a funky intervening period, but this much is obvious: winter is winding down. Shoulder season, or, for that matter, summer, is almost here. It won't be long before our favorite sticks are collecting dust in the basement or gear room—unless you're lucky enough to have some Southern Hemisphere jet-setting planned.

For now, though, the impending snowsports slump hasn't dragged down the internet's clip potential too far. Yes, it's made my job harder, but skiers worldwide still found plenty of ways to impress this week.

Ryōyū Kobayashi Flies Past the Ski Jumping World Record Wearing Prada

In Northern Iceland, Ryōyū Kobayashi recently soared 954.7 feet on skis, establishing a new unofficial ski jumping world record. Red Bull, of course, was involved, but another, less usual suspect apparently threw some dollars behind this feat: Prada. The luxury brand supplied Kobayashi with a speed suit featuring its distinctive red logo. His coach, too, got in on the high-class action, donning a pair of Prada shades (with a hat to match) as he dispensed sage advice. What's the point of smashing a world record if you didn't do it in style? Kobayashi and his coach certainly wouldn't know.

Markus Eder Throws Down at Home… Again

Ah, Markus Eder. He’s always good for something. Stick him on top of an imposing peak, and he’ll ski a Freeride World Tour winning line. Need someone to lace a few dub cork 1260s? Eder’s your guy, too. Earlier this season, he dropped an edit of himself shredding big mountain runs at his home hill, Skiworld Ahrntal, Italy. Every hit needs a sequel, and Eder’s park-focused follow-up—also shot at Skiworld Ahrntal—proves that home is where the heat is.

Colby Stevenson Racks Up the Combo Multiplier

If you took this clip of Colby Stevenson and ran it through one of those cheap AI filters, you could probably convince someone it was gameplay footage from SSX Tricky On Tour. I can almost hear the ding of a combo multiplier when Stevenson’s tails tap the knuckle. All he needs to do is figure out how to take his ski off mid-air, flip them around a few times, and click back in before landing. Seriously, though, the level of park skiing has gotten bonkers over the past few years. First, it was just more spins and flips—now skiers are concocting moves so complex you could write a masters’ thesis about them.

BoldozLife Reminds Us To Look on the Bright, Er, Grassy Side of Life

Much has been made about climate change in the skiing community. It makes sense—our sport happens to hinge on snow which, should the grimmer, warmer visions of the future come to fruition, will join countless extinct animals in the growing list of things humans have unceremoniously nixed. Most of us would probably pick up golf if all the snow melted—not without a few grumbles—but the truth is, you don’t need fresh flakes to ski. Just ask the BoldozLife guys, who recently uploaded an edit of @sleepy.grill’s shots from the sans-snow 2023 smash-hit: BPC 2. If you have a pair of skis that looked at you wrong this season, let this video be your guide towards retribution.

Jiberish Plays Matchmaker

Jiberish knows a thing or two about putting out instant classic edits (remember A Walk in the Park?). Its latest episodic offering—Director's Cut—is no exception to this rule, starring a rotating cast of filmers and skiers as they travel to and shred ski resorts across the country. The latest Director's Cut episode stars the sunny Californian slopes of Big Bear, where filmed-editor Reid Ferguson chased a stacked crew of skiers, camera in hand. Like a slushy spring day of skiing, Director's Cut is the perfect way to send off the season. Bon voyage.

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