Kebabs to Rave About? Youths Spotted Partying in Northern Ireland Kebab Shop

A crowd of youths was filmed in an August 23 Twitter video partying in a crammed kebab house in the centre of Derry, Northern Ireland.

This video, shot by Derry local Conor Lynch, shows the group dancing to music while more people look on from the street. At one point, a car with a woman lying on its bonnet drives past the kebab shop.

Lynch told Storyful he was on a night out with friends when they noticed music playing from the shop.

“More people started to move in to the shop and soon became out of the shop owner’s control, but no harm was intended,” he said. “Everybody was jumping up and down, dancing and having a good time.”

On August 24, UK health officials reported a total 1558 coronavirus hospital admissions in Northern Ireland and 559 deaths. Credit: Conor Lynch via Storyful