Keanu Reeves Is Dating a Woman Almost His Age and the Internet Losing Their Shit

WHOA. Keanu Reeves, the true chosen one from The Matrix, and the man who made John Wick into a series of movies about a dog-lover has made huge headlines. What did Keanu do? Apparently, he is having a regular, adult relationship and people are losing their minds. Here’s what’s going on.

When it comes to Hollywood, relationships that form in the bubble of celebrity are not like the ones we mortals have. We typically meet someone while we’re in school, at work, or at the grocery store, doing adulty things. Usually, we find someone around the same age as us, and there’s judgment if the age gap is too much. 5 years difference, totally cool? 9 years age difference? That might be cutting it close.

The rules are different for famous rich people, though. It’s more common to see those December-May relationships—more specifically, the older men with younger women is common. When a man makes a lot of money or has a lot of fame, it would be weird to see him paired up with someone who is NOT younger. And that was proven this week when Keanu Reeves stepped out with a woman as his date, who wasn’t 20+ years his junior.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Keanu Reeves. He’s one of the best dudes in Hollywood, and there’s a reason he’s become one of the actors that can never seem to do anything wrong. Having him attend an event is newsworthy because we’re obsessed with his every move and want to see what meme-worthy thing he will pull off without even trying.

The 55-year-old star attended the LACMA Art + Film Gala presented by Gucci in Los Angeles, and his date was a long-time friend and business partner, Alexandra Grant. They both looked great, had smiles from ear to ear, so they were clearly enjoying each other’s company. Hearts may have broken a little with the fact that the internet’s boyfriend is likely taken—and with this woman we’ve never seen before and one we may not have expected from him, given his Hollywood status.

While this is the first time we’ve seen Grant, she’s been in Reeves’ life for a while. According to the Guardian, the two teamed up back in 2011 for their first project together, a book called Ode to Happiness, which was written by Reeves and illustrated by Grant. Since then they’ve founded X Artists’ Books, a publishing house which they established in 2017. She sounds straight-up amazing.

I’m sure they knew that walking the event carpet together would get some press. Reeves’ is usually pretty low-key when it comes to his personal life. He’s not been in public with a relationship for a long time, so holding hands with someone win public is bound to get attention. We all love to see Reeves happy. However, the conversation that’s spinning around these two is all centered around their age difference.

Reeves is being praised for hanging out with a woman “his own age.” OK, yes, the 9-year difference much shorter than we typically see in Hollywood (looking at you David Foster, Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, and William Shatner), but they’re hardly the “same age.”

Julia Claire addresses this in her tweet, “The bar is so low for men everyone is losing their minds congratulating Keanu Reeves for dating a woman who is *only* 9 years younger than him,” she writes. And she has a point. Why should this be the sticky talking point here? There is so much surprise because we all expect him to date someone who is 20 years younger because he’s famous. And if you want to get really angry, read the tweets that dig into the appearance of Grant. It says a lot about how people feel about older women. And it’s not pretty.

Fans of Reeves will know the tragic story of his past relationship with Jennifer Syme, and the loss of his child, too. I am rooting for him to be happy with whoever gives him the feeling of love, safety, and security. And even if we disagree on the person he ends up with; we can all agree that happiness is something he deserves.

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