Katy Perry Reflects on Her Parenting Style After a ‘Crazy’ Adjustment Period to Life as a Mom

Katy Perry is reflecting on her approach to parenting now that she’s fully settled into the groove of motherhood.

The singer, 38, who shares daughter Daisy Dove, 2, with her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom, 45, recently gushed to ET Canada about her journey as a mom, exclaiming, “No one tells you about the first six weeks of having your first child — What? This is crazy! You’re feeding in the same corner of the same room for six weeks straight thinking, ‘Will I ever leave this house? And if I do, will they be OK?'”

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Once the craziness winded down, though, Perry was able to find bliss in “The most mundane, beautiful things. You get this surge of joy back and it just makes everything come to life,” she explained.

The blissfulness she experiences as a mother also brings her clarity. She shared, “For me, I’ve learned a lot about presence and that was something that I really wanted to give as a mother is just, ‘Yeah, there’s a zillion WhatsApp chats on fire, but I’m going to put this down and I’m going to color with you right now for 30 minutes because I love you.'”

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Perry previously described her experience of becoming a mother in a 2021 interview with Variety for their Power of Women issue, saying, “As a new mom, those first six weeks are like, ‘What?’ It’s just the biggest life change ever.” She continued, “You’re responsible for someone’s well-being that can’t even hold their head up. It’s a real shift, and you become not No. 1 on the call sheet — and it’s the best. Everything that’s supposed to fade away, fades away, and a balance comes in. I like to live more in the real world for now.”

While she may not consider herself “No. 1 on the call sheet” anymore, the mom of one shared on the SmartLess podcast that she makes it a priority to be No. 1 on Daisy’s call sheet. She explained, “I have a wonderful nanny, but I don’t have a full-time nanny because I feel like if I had a full-time nanny then I would never be able to know how to care for my daughter like I’m meant to.”

She continued, “Doesn’t matter if I’ve had a show that goes to 11 p.m. the night before, I’m waking up at 6 o’clock and we’re going to go and do breakfast and yes, I have the no-sleep shakes.” Oh, the sacrifices we make as moms — Katy Perry included.

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