Katrina Scott Finds Balance Now Being a Mom of Two

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"Isabelle loves to sing to her and snuggle. We just lay together for a while before [Bella] goes to school.”

After welcoming their youngest daughter, Colette, in May, Katrina Scott realized quickly that life as she and her husband Brian knew it would never be the same. “I’ve learned that our hearts expand, and we find a strength that we never knew we could have,” the SI Swimsuit model says. “Each day is so challenging, but patience, breathing and knowing it’s just temporary keeps me going. The biggest adjustment has been my time divided between Colette and Bella. I knew it would be hard, but wow.”

Katrina Scott with daughter Colette.<p>Photo courtesy of Katrina Scott</p>
Katrina Scott with daughter Colette.

Photo courtesy of Katrina Scott

Nearly four months later as a mom of two, the Tone It Up co-founder has gotten into a good groove with a very eager big sister who loves to help. “She’s so sweet and nurturing,” Scott says of Bella. “I am always in awe with how gentle she is. She sings to her, helps me change diapers and rubs her nose to help put her to sleep. I try to put Colette down by 6:30 p.m., so I can spend a couple hours with Bella before bed. We have dinner, bath time and our bedtime routine.”

Though Colette isn’t sleeping through the night, Scott does a dream feed around 10:30 p.m. before she heads to sleep and then will wake up around 3:30 or 4 a.m. for another feeding. “We don’t do CIO (cry it out), so if you’re like us, there are other methods to help with sleep,” the 38-year-old explains. “I just learned about a course called Full Feedings which everyone raves about, so I’m going to look into that.”

Colette Scott<p>Photo courtesy of Katrina Scott</p>
Colette Scott

Photo courtesy of Katrina Scott

Once the sun comes up, mornings in their household are the best. “Colette wakes up super happy and chatty. She is officially smiling, giggling and cooing in response to us,” she reveals. “She’s just super sweet and gentle already. She loves to scrunch her nose when you sing to her too. Isabelle loves to sing to her and snuggle. We just lay together for a while before [Bella] goes to school.”

(From Left to Right) Isabelle, Katrina, and Colette Scott.<p>Photo courtesy of Katrina Scott</p>
(From Left to Right) Isabelle, Katrina, and Colette Scott.

Photo courtesy of Katrina Scott

While her oldest is out of the house and loving school for a few hours, Scott can focus on herself in doing whatever she needs in that moment. “It’s so important to know that you have so much time to build new strength,” the fitness entrepreneur says. “We don’t have to go backwards, we can move forward and be stronger than ever before. Forget the snapback… and discover a more beautiful and remarkable YOU!”